May 30, 2009

Removing a workspace from Eclipse Workspace List

I was wondering where the f... Eclipse stores the workspace list. I have a lot of workspaces in my list and the other day I put some letters before I hit enter and I altered the workspace list with nothing clear. So I wanted to remove that entry and others also and I start to looking up where is this data stored.

In MacOs X you can go to your Eclipse folder and dive into configuration folder, there you can find a .settings folder and finally inside it there is a file named: org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs
Usually you will find it as:


Editing this file you will find a RECENT_WORKSPACES variable with the list. Just remove the entries and that's it!

Now if you put something in your workspace switch dialog before the path, something like this:

aaarggg /Users/yop/workspace

you maybe gonna try to find where is the workspace folder. This new folder is created inside the package, so if you want to remove it or you want to move that content just open the and look at Contents/MacOS/

May 3, 2009

CoverFlow for YUI beta version released

I am proud to announce that I have released a beta version of my CoverFlow Image for YUI. It has just two dependencies: yahoo-dom-event and animation. It works with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. IE is not supported yet. It is a javascript based component so you don't need anything but a browser with canvas support.
Feel free to leave comments or suggestions. It's completely free so you can download it and use it.
Since it is a beta version you might found issues.
Check it here:

Release 0.1 beta version:

- Multiple image sizes. There is no restriction for size.

- No image limit. You can add how many images as you like.

- Simple interface. You can just use an image list, no need to have complex configuration.

- Works in Firefox3, Safari4 and Chrome. IE is not supported yet.

- All javascript. No flash required.